Will Bobcats comeback this Friday with a record 0-2?

Friday night lights are simply the best. Central High suffered another loss Friday, Aug. 27 against Fulton High. Central’s football coach, Nick Craney, plans to improve themselves for Friday, Sep. 3 home game against Sevier County.

Senior Ryan Bolt hands the ball off to senior Shannon Mills.

Last Friday Aug. 27 Central took a major loss to Fulton. Central turned the ball over at least three times that night. “Out of three turnovers, one was returned for an opposing team touchdown,” Head Coach Craney said. A lot of pre-snap penalties were called on Central, and some miss tackles were the main target of the loss.

Some players express a loss of faith in Central’s football and worry they are not as good as in other years. A student from Fulton stated after the game, “Central isn’t the same no more. They are just sorry this year.” However, the players on Central still believe in themselves.“They can doubt us all they want but we can make a comeback,” mentioned senior wide receiver William Siaway.

A decisive win may help prove to other schools that Central is still strong as before and even better. Major players on the Bobcats defense to watch out for in this next match up are senior linebacker Mark Adams and senior defensive end Isaiah McGaha. Two juniors, defensive end Chase Adams and linebacker Brody Cranford are some key players to also look out for.

Senior Will Siaway for a Bobcats touchdown.

This battle will take place Friday, Sept. 3, on the home field of the Bobcats. With more discipline and aggressiveness on defense, Central has a good chance in updating their record with a win for the books.

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