Taylor the Teen

Taylor is a hard working teen. She has a steady job and is very responsible. She has 4 pets.., they are very common pets. She has a dog, two cats, and a fish. She also has a cool social life.

 Taylor has a very normal but lazy morning routine. She gets up, goes to take a shower and brush her teeth and then gets ready for school. After she gets ready, she walks to her car and goes to school. Sometimes she wakes up in a bad mood. Taylor usually works 20-30 hours a week and earns $200-$300. She works with bagging and she helps old people put groceries in their car.

Taylor Kelly, 17 years of age.

Her dog Duke is very energetic and crazy, he eats a lot of runs like a beast. He can be very chill though, when he wants to be or maybe just whenever he feels like being cool. He chews on a lot of things like shoes or paper and messes up a lot of house decorations.

Duke, 1 years old. He likes to play fetch and loves to jump around and be messy

Taylor talks to her dog and he sometimes seems to understand. She goes out with her friends on the weekends if she’s not working. If she IS working, she can’t go because if she doesn’t go to work, she doesn’t get her money TOO go out. She won’t be able to buy anything if she doesn’t go to work! Maybe sometimes she is busy with her dog, Duke.

Her cat, Cleo, is very calm and doesn’t do any messes or anything. She is actually pretty cuddly and always sleepy. On the other hand, Elsa is rude and doesn’t like to get touched. She’s probably just there for the food and shelter because, “pftt.. She is rude.”

Cleo, 2 years old.. A very sweet cat.

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