Small Town To K Town

You might not be new to town, but Kate Taylor is. It´s funny how her journey here began. One day her mom came home and said ¨I´m engaged and were moving!¨ Was Kate ready to take on the challenge?

Kate living life in Knoxville

Kate moved to Knoxville less than a month ago! Relocating can be hard on the whole family, but for most teenagers they are affected the most. It´s hard for young adults to move to an unknown place or even a new school. Research has shown moving schools can affect a student´s emotions and their development.

For Kate, this isn’t her first rodeo when relocating, so she was indeed willing to take the challenge. She believes in life everything happens for a reason and is willing to create new experiences. Many of her friends back home would describe her as the green eyed girl who is smart, kind, and sweet.

On the weekend, you can catch Kate eating pasta and ice cream cake with her mom. Kate´s mom plays a major role in her life by being very supportive and making sure she is healthy. They enjoy hanging out together and taking photos.

Vacation with Cake Boss

To Kate there is a big difference when it comes to living life in Knoxville from living in North Carolina. Before she moved to Knoxville, she lived away from places around her. Kate has never been able to order pizza to her house until she moved here.

Compared to North Carolina, Kate enjoys Tennessee better. Knoxville is more convenient and resourceful when it comes to a new life. K-Town is Kate’s Town and she will fit right in.

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