Struggling socially: Peyton Cathey

Peyton Cathey is an outgoing person unless she’s around people she doesn’t know, her social anxiety can get pretty bad, she struggles to make everyday transactions with people. Doing everyday things can get difficult but she works her way through.

Peyton looking blissfully into the distance

Peyton is a 14 year old freshman student at Central Highschool, but going to school is no simple feat, when it comes to her, she has extremely bad anxiety problems. Although she’s never been diagnosed fully, she’s had a lot of therapists have told her that she shows many symptoms/signs for it.

Now, many would think, “Oh social anxiety isn’t that bad”. Genuinly it is, social anxiety can make you scared to talk to people, or make social interactions. Social anxiety can even cause her to not want to be in a room with a lot of people in it, like the cafeteria for instance, she feels herself getting panicky at the feeling of even entering the room during her lunch period. All of this for sure sounds terrible, but Peyton trudges through her struggles each day.

Peyton hanging out on her back porch

Peyton has many interests but the army will always be one of her main ones. Sometimes when Peyton talks about her plans to join the army, her way of talking changes into, something more on the blissful side. Aside from her career choice, even though ROTC is something she wants to achieve, she still gets embarrassed quickly from it.

Once she said that the class required you to wear a uniform every Tuesday, the whole day, most who take the class are okay with wearing their uniform. Peyton, however, has a hard time because she is embarassed to be the center of attention, it truly does make her uncomfortable to have all eyes on her. She is simply flustered at the thought.

Peyton has a hard time with her anxiety, but her only exception is school, but only because it is a mere necessity. When at school she avoids most contact and tries her hardest to stay out of trouble. She tries to just do what she needs to do and when she needs to do it because she just wants to get done with school and go home and do other tasks she enjoys, like listening to music or sleeping!

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