The Creative Aylah in Her Natural Habitat

Aylah is a creative soul. She can best be described as artistic, intelligent, and mysterious. A close look at Aylah reveals a young woman who is very put together. She doesn’t always show her true self because it can be stressful, especially as a freshman navigating high school for the first time.  Before high school she went to Garden Montessori School. It is different from Central High School because there are barely any people and it’s really hands on, the people are very close. She has been there for 12 years. 

She likes to do art and play electric guitar. She is very hard working and skilled even when there is no light in the room she makes one just by being there. A fun fact about her is that she shares a birthday with George Washington.

When you ask her what she is passionate about she will say soccer while she explains it you can tell she is happy. She talks with passion and happiness even in the blind of the dark she speaks strong and powerful about something she likes.

If you have ever listened to a spotify playlist on repeat then you probably already know that you always have that one song that you have on repeat and that reminds you of Aylah. The reason being that she never has a dull moment, when you talk to her she makes things interesting and grabs your attention. 

Atlanta: Her favorite spot

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