Bobcat Company: “No One Is Alone”

(Picture – Bobcat Company rehearsing to prepare for the show.)

Bobcat Company at Central High School is presenting a 30 minute program, “No One Is Alone,” Thursday, May 6 at 7 PM. The short musical will be held for a limited audience in the Central auditorium with free admission.

Bobcat Company has been working on a series of songs from different musicals that all center around “hope.” Central has been holding on to “hope” for all different types of reasons but Bobcat Company is finally getting a glimpse of it. A performance was always out of the question but as the COVID guidelines change, a musical was taken into consideration.

(Picture – Bobcat Company practicing the choreography during rehearsal.) )

Bobcat Company has been learning the songs of the program but now they are practicing all the scenes and correcting mistakes. Audience members will get to see the outcome of the hard work of Mrs. Lay and her class on Thursday evening.

In the program there are duets, trios, quartets, and two ensemble pieces that are being prepared. Almost everyone in the class gets a chance to shine individually or with a small group during the show. The main focus of the 30 minute musical is the acting and singing to make the songs more meaningful. The props and set pieces will be minimal.

(Picture – Bobcat Company Rehearsing)

Admissions to see the program are free to everyone but tickets have to be reserved in advance due to a capacity limit. Bobcat Company is also taking donations at the time of the performance which they will then give to Austin-East High School.

Click the link below to reserve a ticket.

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