Theater Arts I Takes On Radium Girls

(The Cast in full costume. Photo by Ms. Hicks)

Against so many odds and obstacles, Theater Arts I is preparing something special to perform for administration and teachers: Radium Girls, a one-act play. As a class, this will be their first live performance and a great way to end the spring semester of 2021.

A play performed by Theater Arts I is not the norm, as Ms. Hicks expressed, but the class is taking on a new challenge. The team working on Radium Girls is slowly progressing from learning blocking for scenes to polishing props. As preparation continues, the cast is also rehearsing and memorizing lines. 

(A scene in progress. Photo by Ms. Hicks)

Some may be familiar with this story, Radium Girls, which is not only a play but based on true events. The play involves a group of female workers at the United States Radium Corporation who use powdered radium to mix the paint they are working with. The women are not warned of the fatal health effects from working with radium. A legal battle between the women and the company occurs, but unfortunately the health of the workers decline and results in death.

(Rehearsals take place as the cast run through lines. Photo by Ms. Hicks)

Fully grasping the story of Radium Girls can be difficult, but for this show there are minimal scenes and minimal props. Rehearsals are being held during class and the students are moving along by finishing about three scenes per week.

Once the play is ready to be performed for an audience, seats will be limited. Due to COVID-19 the cast will wear masks while performing, and an audience of students may not be possible. Ms. Hicks noted that administration and teachers with a first block plan will most likely be invited to see the cast perform the play live. The audience will be kept small but more details are to come.

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