Softball Round-Up: 2020-2021

Central High School’s Softball Team poses for a picture after their win. (not pictured Khushi) Photo Credit to: KD Hooker

Since the season’s beginning in March, Coach Swaney and the CHS Girls’ Softball team have grown despite the pandemic. The players have become family and hold everyone in the wing of each other. The team record stands at 9-8 while the season is currently on hold while the team is under quarantine.

Covid has obviously affected the team throughout the season. Coach Swaney says “We are not allowed to scrimmage or have any playdays. We do not have enough players to intersquad so it made it difficult preparing for the season.” 

James Swaney has coached for many years, and not just Softball. He has also coached Baseball, Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball and Football. He started in 1999 and has continued to teach young student athletes how to work as a team no matter the sport.

When he was asked what his reason was to become a coach he responded, “When I was younger it was a way for me to spend more time with my twin daughters. Now it’s a way for me to continue to teach them life lessons.”

Coach Swaney mentioned a few stand-out players in the season so far: senior Savana Hurd, senior Sarah Hinton, fresham Shelby Miller, and freshman Annah Neubert.

(Photo Credit to: Mr. Valentine)

Team Captain Savana Hurd recently committed to play softball at Union University and signed here at Central High School on April 9, 2021. 

While growing up, she played softball and she fell in love with it. In middle school, she started playing basketball instead, but quickly realized how much she wanted to play softball again. When Savana came to high school, Coach Swaney told her “come out to practice to see how you do.” Ever since that day, she realized that “I have found my love for it once again.” 

(Photo Credit to: Mr. Valentine)

She mentioned that in her household, she only has brothers and playing softball has given her a sisterhood that she never had. This sisterhood became her favorite thing about the team. Her favorite thing about the sport itself is “everyone cheering each other on and the energy that goes through your body when you hit, or still home.”

Playing softball kept Hurd on track for school; she knew she had to keep her grades up in order to play. She says “Softball has let me meet new people and even make best friends.”

(Photo Credit to: Mr. Valentine)

Freshman player Shelbey Miller made many memories over the season of softball and she plans to continue playing throughout the rest of her high school experience, she says “It’s a sport I love playing, I enjoy the memories that come along, and just love the atmosphere and everyone around.”

She discloses that she uses softball as a way to de-stress herself after a long hard day and it is a relaxation to her body. One thing she loves about the team is “…the love we have for each other. Everyone gets along and we all love being there as a team.”

(Photo Credit to: Mr. Valentine)

Sarah Hinton, another senior player of the team says she does not plan to continue playing softball in college. She wanted to be a part of the team when she first started, and since then she has and has also played her whole life.

Being able to work together to reach a common goal in the team together is Hinton’s favorite part of being involved in the team as a whole. Her high school experience involving softball has given her an opportunity to find new friends and teach her the hard work of life.

(Photo Credit to: KD Hooker)

Annah Neubert says that softball is her passion. She has been playing softball since she was six years old and wants to continue playing the rest of her high school career. 

One thing she said about the team is “we can always come together when it’s game time and get along.” With this being said, it shows the girls work together to show professionalism in a team and work together to win.

(Photo Credit to: KD Hooker)

She says that she is looking forward to playing for Coach Swaney, Coach Ashley, and Coach Justin. Also, playing with her peers as well in the following years of her high school life. 

Overall, Coach Swaney has done an amazing job keeping the girls on track and helping them become sisters and including everyone in the team together.  The only way the girls’ softball team can win is when they work together and put everything to the side, focusing on the game. 

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