Turning ASL to Art

(The Picture – The ASL students sign “I love you” after they finished a long 2 weeks of hard work on their projects.)

Projects have taken over American Sign Language (ASL) 3, at Central High School, during the spring semester of 2021. A tiny group of eight students and one teacher dive deeper into De’Via art and engage in “hands-on” activities.

De’Via art is a common topic discussed in ASL no matter what level class you take.  The spring semester class of ASL 3, however, wanted to add more life into what they spent three years learning about. Between a combined effort of Mrs. Sigmon and Mrs. Lawson the students turned sign language to art.

(Bella Bryant’s “Volleyball”)

Taking signs and turning them 3D was a long process by far. The ASL class had 2 weeks to pick a sign, mold two hands in the shape of their choice, paint two wooden boards, and then put everything together. The process was long but the outcome was worth it.

Picking a handshape and molding hands out of clay was something new for a few students in ASL 3. Mrs. Sigmon allowed the class into her room for two weeks to teach and supervise the art process of cutting handshapes to painting boards. Once all the hands and boards were painted Mrs. Lawson helped each student glue the hands to the board.

(Grace Buckner’s “Sushi”)

The project was over after gluing and the students felt that this project was fun. The students expressed that it was “pretty cool to inspire people that don’t know [ASL]… and you can teach people.” The project was one that related to De’Via art in the way that it was art that involved sign language. People can understand, through the ASL 3, projects what De’Via art is. 

Visual representation of nature is conveyed through the projects from a butterfly in the sky down to an octopus in the ocean. The art project connected not only the class and art but the teachers, staff, and students among Central to ASL. 

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