The Kindest People You’ll Ever Meet (Kindest ’21)

Abby Coleman and Gabe Neubert have been recognized by their peers as the two kindest people in the senior class of 2021.

Abby Coleman

Abby Coleman has been chosen this year as the ‘Kindest’ girl of the class of ’21. It is not surprise that Abby was chosen for this position, she often helps out in the community. Since Abby was in sixth grade she has volunteered with the kid’s ministry at her church – White Stone Church – and she has volunteered at Young Williams Animal Center and at Boo at the Zoo. This semester, she is volunteering at the Emerald Youth Foundation doing program support for the elementary aged kids and in her own words “I absolutely love helping out there.”

When Abby was chosen she was a bit confused and shocked. She actually has no idea why she was chosen but in her own words, “Honestly, I am not too sure why everyone voted for me, but I am thankful!” Abby also said “Gabe is the most deserving person of the title ‘Kindest'” So as you can see she obviously lives up to the title. She also stated she had no expectations of getting a superlative and that is the part of her that was shocked!

Gabe Neubert

Gabe Neubert has been chosen this year as the “Kindest” boy of the class of ’21. Just like Abby, it is no surprise that Gabe was chosen. He is also involved in the community and when asked about him all you hear is amazing things! He has also done his fair share of helping out in the community. Gabe has played football and while playing his team volunteered and went out and helped in the community. So, it really was no surprise when he was announced one of the two ‘Kindest’ seniors out the the class of ’21.

If there is ever something wrong with anyone he knows Gabe always makes sure to check up on them and make sure they are okay. He says, “I always check in on everyone and try to bring everyone around me up. I want everyone to be happy or have joy in their life.” Gabe also holds Abby in very high regards he said himself, “I didn’t think there was anyone more deserving than Abby.”

From Their Peers

A few of the students who voted for Gabe and Abby were asked if they would answer some questions about the two. Their peers were asked why they voted for them. Christina Bogart said, “Because they are always there when you need to talk or a shoulder to cry on.” When asked about Abby she said, “She is very kind and sweet. I don’t see why she wouldn’t get the superlative. Abby is amazing.” Christina also described Gabe as “caring”.

Another student asked was Abby’s sister, Molly Coleman. When asked why she voted for Gabe her response was, “I have known Gabe since 5th grade and he has always been kind to me and everyone around him. I believe that he is very deserving of his superlative.” When asked why she voted for her sister Molly humorously stated, “I voted for Abby because I’m kind of biologically obligated. Molly described Gabe as “caring” and Abby as “hard-working”.

Mana Wiley, another student at Central said she voted for Abby because “I just thought she was nice because I’ve known her for a while and I felt she’s always here for me when I need it.” Mana described Abby as “feisty”.

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