Most Talented at CHS: Madison Dishner and Alexander Gadd

Madison Dishner´s senior pictures

CHS boasts a great number of wonderful and talented students, but the Seniors had an assignment to pick who was the most talented in their class…

As a result, they have chosen Madison Dishner and Alexander Gadd.

Alexander Gadd playing ukulele

When asked about the honor, Alex states, “I like to think that I’m a talented musician, but personally, I feel like I am talented in more ways than just music! I believe myself to be a talented leader, as I’ve had much experience being the oldest of 6 kids.” Alex also explains, “I think that my peers voted me ‘Most Talented’ mainly because I’m a choir kid, but little did they know that I play the piano and ukulele in my free time. I absolutely love music because I was brought up in a musical family! Something that I can do because of that is play a song by ear, no sheet music or anything.”

In light of being selected, Maddy says, “Well, I’ve always loved to sing and have been in several musicals at Central. Over quarantine, I picked back up my guitar and am re-learning how to play since I had to quit when I was younger to pursue cheer-leading. Now I’m finally able to enjoy cheer and music.”

Madison Dishner singing at the Live competition CTE

Teachers also say they picked Maddy because she is talented at what she does, which is singing, playing instruments, and being a great cheerleader. CHS photography teacher Mr. Valentine says, “Maddy is humble, steps away from the spotlight, but is consumed with talent. The first time I met Maddy was in 2019 when she was representing Central in the Knox County CTE goes Live singing competition. She was only a sophomore, but sang with such confidence and passion. When she stepped on the Market Square stage the night of the competition, she was nervous but excited to perform in front of the 7000 people lining the streets. As soon as she started singing, she had everyone’s attention and had the audience began singing the lyrics along with her. Her stage presence kept building and her smile became contagious. She is absolutely deserving of Central’s Most Talented Female and it is unfortunate more people didn’t get a chance to here her perform this year. She is absolutely one of my favorite Central students based on talent, kindness, and character. Maddy’s a rock star in my book.”

Alexander Gadd playing Piano

Teachers say that they picked Alex because they think he is an amazing instrument player in choir and he can literally play his heart out on any of his instruments. Interim secretary, Kim Meade said, “Alex has been voted for most talented because he is very active in the choral department and the drama department and he is well liked by all of his peers, so in addition to being in many roles…he has made a great representation for himself.”

Teacher are not the only ones who voted also…other Seniors did, too. People who voted Alex as “Most Talented” say that he is really good at playing lots of his instruments in choir. Leigha Gregory (Senior) explained, “Alex Gadd is the best person I know. This man can do it all. Alex is involved in everything– the school, community, Church, and more. Everything from Bobcat Company to President of the Student Body, Alex is very well rounded. He is a natural leader, but also has a servant heart. Everyone needs an Alex in their life.”

Seniors also voted for Maddy because she is great at singing, choir, cheer leading, being really kind to others, etc. Caleb Hill (Senior) says, “She deserves it because she can sing, play the guitar, and is a cheerleader. She does all of this while still having a 4.2 gpa.”

Overall, these two are really talented and amazing at what they do in their life between playing instruments, singing, and sports. They are both great students all around, and CHS is glad to have them at this school to support their dreams in life.

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