Leaving a Legacy

Emma Walker’s life was stolen on November 21, 2016. In the wake of tragedy, Emma’s Health Science teacher Mr. Hammond worked with the Walker family to establish a scholarship foundation honoring her memory. Each year, the money is awarded to students pursuing careers in health care.

The application for this school year is due Wednesday, March 31. Interested students should contact Mr. Hammond. It is for a one time $2000 scholarship, given to two students. Application for this scholarship comes once per year. There are multiple basic requirements and a simple application to receive the scholarship. The main requirements you must have are a GPA of 3.0 or higher, at least 12 community service hours, and evidence or plans of pursuit toward a medical career.

Filling out the application is one short form, along with a 500 word essay. This essay is very important because this is one of the most essential factors of who they award the scholarship to. Now this isn’t stated anywhere, but reading the description makes it clear that the essay is what is supposed to show your own inner personality. The prompt wants you to look deep and tell how you try to bring to the world what Emma did.

If you are looking at a life within medicine take a look into the Walker foundation. The more community service you do, the more favorable you will be. Put real thought into your essay and keep the grades high, and there is a good chance you can receive financial aid. Keeping this foundation alive is what allows us to honor and remember Emma Walker’s legacy.

Copy of the application

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