Story of Sierra Sherlin’s Life

Sierra Sherlin; a freshman at Central HIgh School, is very friendly and carries everyone under her wing – that she can. She is a very sweet and caring young woman and cares deeply about other people.

Right now – the hardest thing for Sierra being a teenager is her grades, and being put together for school. During the middle of a pandemic, is understanding being a struggle to handle everything in at once at such a young age.

Throughout her life she has had many nicknames such as; Cece and Angel. Many of Seirra’s hobbies include, wrapping presents, riding bikes, and gaming, She enjoys playing Fortnite as gaming. Over the weekend, she tends to go to her grandparents house or her aunts.

She is also very understanding and she believes that people should not be judged for believing in something someone else wouldn’t, such as, political opinions.

Seirra says “People should be able to discuss what they want but should not be judged for what you believe.”, once she was asked if she belived people could discuss what they want without being judged. Saying this expresses how many of Sierra’s peer see her as accepting and open-minded.

Sierra’s biggest dream is to accomplish school, become a baker or chef, and eventually get a big house to live in.

She was also asked how she would change the world if she could, her response to the question, “Covid, anxiety, and depression”. Others can imply she is very responsible and concerned about her peers and family.

Overall, she cares about her future and her education, and family is very important to her. She is also has a great humor which allow her to make other happy and laugh as well.

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