Best All-Around ’21: Leigha Gregory and Rock Russell

Late January, the class of 2021 voted on their class superlatives to recognize the different students for their characteristics; Leigha Gregory and Rock Russell are the winners for the Best All-Around category, which were voted by the majority of students of Central.

Throughout the years Leigha has been at Central High School, she has gained many friends. Several of Leigha’s peers voted for her to win the category, as well as Homecoming Queen.

She said “I was so surprised! The class of 2021 is one of the best and I am thankful to be apart of it.” when asked what her reaction was when she won.

Some of Leigha and Rock’s friends have reached out to give their own opinion on the winners of the superlative as well. Elaine Sheddan, one of Leigha’s friends said “I voted for Leigha Gregory because she is the definition of best all around! She is truly amazing and embodies every thought that comes to mind when hearing ‘best all around!’”

Ella Wilds voiced, “…she’s hands down one of the best people I’ve ever met. She’s kind and welcoming and supportive of everyone. She’s just a light who’s always positive and loving.”

Many students, not just seniors, saw Leigha Gregory as a person who is the best at everything. She is an amazing friend and has a very outgoing personality, which most people enjoy being around her at all times.

A good friend of both Leigha and Rock, Abby Coleman mentioned “She does very well in academics, she’s even co-salutatorian. She has been the president of National Honor Society for two years. She is a peer tutor for the CDCA class and she loves hanging out with all of the students in there.” Abby feels that Leigha was a perfect fit for the category because she is such a “great leader.”

Another well known student of the 2021 class, Alex Gadd, gave a statement for his peers both, Leigha Gregory and Rock Russell. “Leigha is amazing at everything she does! She is kind, dependable, and always does everything with a huge smile!”, Alex said.

Mrs. Jones, a teacher of both Leigha and Rock also annonces, “I have had the opportunity to have both students in class multiple times. Leigha is one of the kindest people I know. She has a heart of gold and is always willing to help anyone who needs it. She is not only kind, but she always has a smile on her face and is a joy to be around. Rock is such a respectful, talented guy. He too has a heart of gold. He is kind, very creative and always has something nice to say. These students are truly ‘Best All Around’.”

Rock Russell, the other winner for the Best All-Around category, always walks with a smile on his face. Rock tends to enliven the day for his friends and peers inside and outside of school, and always has a positive attitude.

Abby Coleman suggests that Rock was a good candidate because, “He has been on the track team for four years and he is a member of National Honor Society. Rock is also a peer tutor in the office and is very helpful to the staff.”

Students and teachers have seen Rock grow over the years he has been in school, and many can say he has been a friendly and astonishing peer.

He said himself, “I was very shocked to have won best all around, but very honored and humbled that my peers and teachers voted me for the category.” once asked how he felt when he found out that he won the category.

Looking more into Rock, Alex Gadd also revealed his perspective of Rock, “Rock is HILARIOUS! I voted for him because I feel like he’s a talented artist, witty, athletic, and really just a great guy!”.

Leigha even gave her own opinion on why she thought Rock was great for this category, “Rock is one of my favorite people! He is very involved in everything and a great athlete. But most importantly, Rock treats everyone with kindness and respect. He is so friendly and makes everyone feel loved all the time. He is definitely a ROCKstar!”

Overall, Leigha and Rock both have the characteristics that define Best All-Around, and neither one of them skips out on a Central activity. They both won because they include everyone, and are very positive and dependable, and encouraging like no other.

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