Google: The Great Connector

Google, a search engine we all use in our day to day routine here at Central, has filed a massive Lawsuit against the Australian Government.

From Google Drive, to Youtube, to Gmail, we all use some form of the platform. However, the multi trillion dollar market has been in some less than favorable positions lately revolving around their sketchy practice of not paying news sources for their information, both here in the United States, and in Australia.

In the modern era, google is such an important tool for everyday tasks, and the #1 search engine. Here at Central, we have the ability to connect with anyone connected to the World Wide Web, often by using google. With Australia fighting to keep the service active, this gives google absolute power over many, with little to no checks and balances applied to the search engine.

Facebook has also come under fire from the Australian legislation regarding the journalism bill. In relaxation, Facebook decided to pull all articles from the news tab in Australia, which is far more consequential for the people than a lawsuit. For the residents of that continent, this comes as a massive blow, considering they get most of their global and local news through Facebook’s sources. While here in America, we have a wide range of global informants, other countries need the sites to connect to the world.

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