Senior Superlatives Then vs. Now

Senior superlatives remain a long-time tradition in most high schools for both the genuine and entertaining members of the class. Over the decades, some categories stay the same, while others like “most bashful” and “most lazy” have fallen out of style.

Recently, Central received a special delivery from the daughter of a CHS alum. The delivery contained carefully preserved school newspaper pages from 1941. Among these pages was a list of that year’s senior superlatives.

Photo images of the superlatives in the school newspaper from 1941.

The superlatives then were very gender specific when it came to the votes and categories. Some categories were only awarded to a boy or a girl, not both. For example, the “most lazy” category was only for one boy, as was “best athlete.” Categories like “cutest” and “prettiest” (yes, separate categories) were given only to girls.

Over time, many of these superlatives have changed or fallen off the board to be in the voting. Central has also added new categories in the 21st century such as, “most dependable,” “most talented,” and “most unique.” 

As of 2021, any senior can be selected for each group. For the majority, the people who are selected as the winner are predominantly the admired seniors.  And because of this sometimes the other students are upset because it does not give them an opportunity to be recognized as well as the others. Despite the inevitable ripples of controversy around superlatives, this page of the yearbook is appreciated by most of the class. 

While the categories may change over time, and even serve as a reflection of the way times change, the special tradition of recognizing members of the senior class remains constant.

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