The Amazo Team

Central’s Academic Team consists of five members: Jacob Flynn, Jeffrey Williams, Cole Cook (Team Leader), Kenneth Lin, and Alexis McNeal. Ms. Blanchard leads the team in weekly meetings and practices of their random knowledge. The questions the team fields vary widely from composers to algebra. The team competes in a couple of events throughout the year, the closest of these events is the Science Bowl, which starts February 27.

The Science Bowl took place virtually, as a tournament. This means that the teams that won on February 27 move to the next section, and so on. Part two of the Science Bowl will take place on March 6. Central didn’t beat out every contender in their path, but did manage to move on to part two. 52 teams in total competed within the Science Bowl, but 48 moved on. This result means they will compete once more on March 6, ready to slay the challengers once more, or at least try to.

The other main competition the Central A-team sees is the Scholar’s bowl. This is the main competition they prepare for. It is unknown how it is going to proceed this year, but previously this competition was an all day event. Taking place during the school day, our fearless members would exit school and prepare for the epic battle ahead. They would go onto a stage with other teams and simply see who could answer the most questions. Plus the whole scene is televised!

The team has little faith in themselves, but Central believes in them. While not the most knowledgeable, the team has a wonderful spirit and as a member I know we can succeed.

From top left to bottom right the order of names goes Kenneth Lin, Alexis McNeal, Cole Cook, Jacob Flynn, Jeffrey Williams, and Ms. Blanchard

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