Most School Spirited: Ella Wilds and Bryson Richie

Ella Wilds and Maddy Dishner at a Central High School football game.

On any given Fall Friday night, two senior students can always be found under the stadium lights cheering on the Bobcats: Ella Wilds and Bryson Richie. Voted by the majority of their peers, these two students are the Most School Spirited at Central High School.

Many felt unsurprised by this superlative’s outcome. It is not the first time Wilds and Richie have won most school spirited. When the two were in middle school they won “most school spirited” eighth grade year, as well. Since that time, both students remained highly involved with all things Bobcat Country.

Ella Wilds and Berkeley Bowers posing for a photo at a Central High School football game.

For all four years of high school Ella Wilds has been a photographer during football season and a pure Bobcat. Wilds loves football and can be found at the games in the student section or taking photos on the field. Though Wilds has fun at football games she stated that she is also “trying to break up a lot of the sexism that is prevalent in student sections.”

She explains that the win was because she goes crazy at football games and that she was excited to win. Her friend Berkeley Bowers expressed that she voted for Wilds because she deserved the superlative the most. Bowers stated that “Ella is an important member of the student section and has been since her freshman year.” Another senior Maddy Dishner reveals that she voted for Wilds because she “…has been a bobcat super fan all thru highschool and even middle school.” Wilds is a Bobcat who goes to every Central event.

Bryson Richie cheers on the Bobcats at a football game.

Also excited to win Most School Spirited is Bryson Richie. Richie, the student section leader this year, tried to make the student section fun at football games during Covid. Richie organized things that took place during games and will forever be a Bobcat.

Richie has been involved with the student section since his freshman year and tries to go to the sporting events he can go to. Rachael Kennard voted for Richie because “he’s always supportive of all of our sports teams, and he’s inclusive of all grade levels including underclassmen!” In Mendenhall, another senior, adds that Richie “always is active in social media trying to talk to the administration, making sure the students can get into games.”

Bryson Richie, pointing at the camera,  and fellow seniors at a Central High School football game.

Both Ella and Bryson are a true Bobcat at heart. During sporting events both are decked out for Central while also trying to include everyone. Other candidates for the Most School Spirited were an option, but to most kids it was always Ella Wilds and Bryson Richie. 

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