Trinity Sankey’s life

An ordinary girl, a dancer who is into crocheting, and a cook. All characteristics of an ordinary life, but stuck in a town wishing to get out more.

Trinity Sankey was born in Knoxville Tennessee, she has grown up here her whole life and feels the need to get out more. But in Knoxville she is a beautiful dancer! She has the ability to pick up choreo fast, which is very helpful in a dancer’s life.

She advises people to be their own self, and to do what they wanna do. And although finding the right friends might be hard she advises to take a lot of time to know somebody.

Although Trinity lives the average girl life she is also into Marvel movies. She claims that Black Panther is one of her favorites because she likes the characters. She thinks these kinds of movies are entertaining to watch and a good weekend activity.

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