Jacob Flynn: Need I say more?

Jacob Flynn has been a Tennessean for quite some time now, and spends his time doing many activities around Knoxville.

When time allows, he immerses himself within an intricate group of friends, most of whom have one common interest; Call of Duty: Zombies. If there ever were an expert in this game genre, Jacob would have a fair chance at winning, easily outmatching his opponents. He is a cool and collected young man who maintains control of every situation he is in. This has helped him throughout his life, and paired with his silver tongue, he is able to talk his way out of many awkward situations.

Jacob prides himself on his humor, and rightly so. As seen in the image above, he does it in a fashion few can follow. His humorous manner is closely accompanied by some sarcastic remarks, sometimes rubbing people the wrong way. This wit is often what allows him to gain favor with many peers and teachers alike.

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