Luke, Comment, and Subscribe

Let me tell you about the man, the myth, the legend, Luke Debord. Born here in Knoxville Tennessee, Luke has lived here his whole life. He works at Panera Bread just down the road from here. He’s seventeen years old and a senior at Central High school.

Luke the Bord

Mr. Debord is a man of culture. He enjoys many amazing things such as the book Ender´s Game and the movie Saving Private Ryan. Nachos are his favorite food. When it comes to music tastes, his number one choice for bands is Glass Animals, with his favorite song being ¨Pork Soda¨ by the same people. Luke only wears the best clothing style, so his main brand is Grucci. And to top off everything his favorite Minecraft Youtuber is CaptainSparklez.

Luke may be a fun guy, but this doesn’t mean he takes nothing seriously. He has pretty strong views on the Capitol Raid, actively feeling it reaches the level of terrorism. Believing this may be one of the biggest threats to the country, he has a mindset of unity is key.

There aren’t any charities that Luke is involved in, but don’t be quick to judge. As I’ve stated, he is a fun guy. While he mainly works on weekends and during free time, he also has his own set of unique hobbies. He enjoys gaming (obviously), learning way too much about something he’s interested in, and building his own PCs.

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