A little about Jake

Jake is an outgoing junior, his known most for being nice to everybody. He also plays the saxophone for the on fridays at football games. He grew up in Knoxville Tennessee, in fountain city. He has only lived in Knoxville, but he likes the idea of staying in one place for a while. When he gets older he would like to visit other places. One day he would like to go to Japan, Germany, South Korea, and even Brazil.  

He is a people pleaser and it can be really exhausting. Sometimes he feels like he has to choose between one thing to make everybody happy, and a lot of times he ends being the only one who’s not happy. 

One of the things many people don’t know about him is when he was ten years old he shot himself on the foot when he was bird hunting. “ it hurts a lot, and my toenail came out, but it grew back up,” Jake said. He would like to see racism and the climate crisis change because it is getting out of control, some of his greatest stresses are the future of the country and his life, because of climate change like school shootings and the pandemic. Jake is also a “Christian” he goes to Fountain City Methodist Church and he is involved in youth groups and also goes on church trips like Puerto Rico.

Jake loves going out for walks and hikes, to be in nature. He also plans to attend The University of Tennessee after he graduates High School. He wants to play the saxophone for the marching band at Tennessee. He doesn’t know what he wants to major in, but he does know that he wants to play in the marching band.

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