Angelond, the Family Man

Angelond – or Jeland as some people call him – is an in-person vibrant, outgoing freshman student at Central High School. He has been told that he gives off good vibes. He enjoys spending his free time with his family.

Angelond was born here – in Tennessee – but moved and grew up in Georgia then moved back when he was six years old. He has traveled quite a bit! He’s been from Miami, to South Carolina, to Atlanta , and all around Alabama.

His hobbies include : watching YouTube, except for when he is with his cousins, then you will find him on the trampoline with them. His favorite weekend activity is also spending time with his cousins.So far his most embarrassing moment – or moments I should say – as a high schooler has been the time(s) when he was walking with his friends in the hallway and tripped and almost fell down the stairs. 

He is involved in his church community, he tries to go to church as often as he can. There are not any political or social issues that he feels very strongly about yet.  Though , he says the biggest problem that the world needs to fix somehow is the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

The biggest misconception that most people have about him is that he is actually older than he is, he has been asked for his driver’s license when he is not even old enough to have a permit! When asked, ¨What’s your life plan? What do you plan to have accomplished in five, 10, 20, and 50 years?¨ his response was, ¨To be successful, I guess.¨

He feels that it is hard to keep a healthy school-social life balance, but he tries his best to balance the two out. He says the hardest thing about being a student is paying attention, but he tries his best, when asked what comes easy for him, he answered that question easily with no hesitation, ¨Track.¨ he responded. He feels that arguments and fights are the biggest stressors and causes of anxiety in his life. 

When questioned about what makes him laugh the most he simply said everything makes him laugh. The best compliment he has ever received was that someone told him that he had a good vibe. This I found very interesting, his middle name is inspired by a rapper. His favorite toy as a child was a VTech. His favorite food right now is pizza but his favorite food tends to change as fast as the seasons do. 

Overall, he is a fun vibrant outgoing person. He is someone who if you did not know him you could just walk up to him and start talking to him. He is also super talkative you could talk to him for hours. He is a great person overall.

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