Are Students Doing In-school or Virtual Next Semester?

As students’ first semester of the 2020 school year is coming to an end, that raises many questions. One of these questions is; is it’s safe for students to do in-school or should they do virtual? Covid hasn’t gotten any better through the fall months and it’s still very troubling to social distance in school. There are certain things that parents have to take into consideration when deciding to send their kids back to school.

COVID-19 and schools: Don't return to classroom learning this fall

The state of Tennessee’s COVID cases aren’t getting any better as it becomes a red zone state. If schools aren’t taking the correct safety prosecutions, students can be affected by going back to school. 

The students that attend Central High School have mixed feelings when it comes to doing virtual vs in-person learning. Adrianna Johnson, senior and virtual student at Central High School, expressed her mixed feelings on going back to school. “I don’t know if we should go back honestly… it’s hard to say,” says Johnson, who is most likely going back to in-person next semester. She feels as though schools aren’t taking the proper safety precautions for students. She feels “schools need to make sure people are wearing their mask over their nose and make sure everyone shouldn’t be huddled up. And limit people at lunch tables. A certain number of people in the cafeteria and people outside”

Johnson has the same concerns as many other students. Schools need to give out the correct information when it comes to the safety of schools for next semester.

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