A look inside Central High School

Central High School was established in 1906. It is a public secondary school. Central was formerly located at what is now Gresham Middle School in the heart of Fountain City, which, in the 1960s, was the largest unincorporated community in Tennessee.

On July 2, 1906, the county school board nominated W.E. Principal of the current Central High School of Miller. He was a Vanderbilt University graduate and operated as the superintendent of the public schools of Union City, Tennessee. The board had paid $24,000 for the Normal College property to set up its high school, which would formally open Sept. 10.

The Old Central High School

County students who attended city schools had to pay fees, but there was no such provision for city students who attended county schools. When Central opened, the city of Knoxville lost quite a bit of income. And some students in the city who lived along the streetcar line of Fountain City decided to go to Central.

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