Alternate Halloween Ideas

It’s that time of year when you get to dress up, get candy, scare people and have fun, but things might be a bit different this year. Trick-or-treating or Haunted houses might hold a different kind of danger. For those hoping to avoid crowds and enclosed spaces,  here are some alternatives to the usual..

Staying home and watching scary movies is a good idea if you enjoy a little scare, or you could watch Disney Halloween movies such as Spooky Buddies, Girl Vs. Monster, Halloweentown, and a few regular scary movies such as Halloween, The Conjuring, the Babadook, and Tales of Halloween. 

Another great alternative to the norm is painting pumpkins. People usually carve pumpkins, put candles in them, and sit them outside, but painting pumpkins is just as fun because you can bring out the artist in you and be creative. Painting pumpkins outdoors with plenty of space ensures you can have fun and stay safe. If you want to make this activity competitive, you can see who can paint or carve a certain image the quickest or see who’s the best. 

Baking is another fun and festive activity. You could bake pumpkin seeds, a cake, cookies, cupcakes, and make spooky drinks like punch with fake eyes or fingers in it. You could dress up and take silly pictures with friends and family to show off your Halloween quarantine. These are a few things you can enjoy as alternates for going out on Halloween, which could be just as fun as going out. Have a spooky Halloween!

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