Substitute Shortage: How it is affecting Central

According to Knox Schools COVID-19 dashboard, there are currently 146 teachers and staff members in quarantine and 23 have confirmed cases of COVID-19. With so many teachers gone Knox County is struggling to fill the empty classrooms.

Due to rising cases of COVI-19 within Knox County teachers are quarantining, meaning more substitutes are needed, but some substitute teachers aren’t accepting the job due to safety concerns. This shortage affects all of Knox County Schools, Central included.

ACT prep teacher Judy Sullivan taking attendance on the first day of school at Central High School on Monday August 24, 2020 (Saul Young/News Sentinel) Knox news.

Currently, there aren’t any teachers in quarantine at Central, but there are still teacher absences they have to fill. With the shortage, they are having trouble finding enough subs. “At the moment, we average being 4 substitutes short for openings each day,” says Central’s head principal Andrew Brown. Although they have been able to fill the classes with other teachers, he says if more teachers have to quarantine, it could become a problem.

The KCS school board and superintendent are even offering incentives to encourage more subs into classes. Though teachers who are in quarantine can teach from home, there has to be someone in the class watching over the students. With more and more teachers quarantining Knox county schools need more substitute teachers to keep the schools running smoothly.

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