William England on COVID-19 and more

This is William England his favorite funny story about himself is he went missing once and didn’t know about it. He likes playing video games, has a sense of humor and pretty much everything can make him laugh (except when animals get hurt because he likes them a lot).

He grew up here in Tennessee. He did move around a bit, but not whole a lot, and it didn’t it really affected him that much.

Like many people, William has been paying close attention to the pandemic. When people are getting and spreading misinformation about COVID-19, William says the best way to fix it is to find a public figure that people trust, have professionals come in and publicly address what is and is not true.

William England feels this irritation towards the government’s mendacious communication with the people. Despite the high number of COVID-19 deaths and that more people are being infected during this pandemic. Now, people are frightened and are spreading more fallacious rumors.

The problem we have now in Knoxville Tennessee is that political leaders and heads of state are being disingenuous by not telling people what they need to know about COVID-19, according to William. He says leaders need to be wise and transparent to society and the community in general. There have been a lot of cases of COVID-19 and the government tells us neither the whole truth of where COVID-19 is heading nor the impact. This makes it worse. It would be better if everyone knew the truth. We deserve to know the truth. Otherwise, we will continue living in fear, panic, and worry.

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