Who is Habibatu Kamara?

 Who is Habibatu Kamara? Habibatu aka Biba, is an 16 year-old  African American high school student with a bright future and a chance to change the world. Habiba enjoys cooking, protesting, and tiktok. She stands up and protests for ¨Black Lives Matter ” and the LGBTQ+ community. She has traveled to a couple places such as Florida and Atlanta which are nice places to travel.

Habibatu believes that racism and colorism is a big problem in America. Her way of trying to solve this is getting new people in the presidential office who are going to help the world and not break the world. Being a young African American woman in America is challenging because of a lack of access to equal treatment and opportunity. For example, in the US now police brutality is getting out of hand and is causing riots in the African American community. When it comes to Habibatu, she feels like she gets the short end of the stick when it comes to society. She feels this way, because when she is around a different culture she gets treated differently.

Despite the hardship and serious issues, Habiba likes a little laugh every once in a while. She gets this laugh from TikTok, dark humor, and her friends. Dark humor is another way she gets her laugh in for the day. Dark humor is when people make jokes about things that other people might find mean. Speaking of laughs, Habibatu has sparked them herself on a few occasions. One day, while she was at a track meet jumping hurdles, she fell over one but still managed to come in 3rd place! 

In conclusion, Habibatu is a beautiful young African American woman who stands for what she believes is right. She is a strong girl who enjoys many things. Habiba´s goal is to make it out of Tennessee and live the best life possible and to do that she will continue to be the strong young woman she is.

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