The Sunshine of Central: Kayla Lewis

Sophomore Kayla Lewis is aiming to change the world. You can find her cheering at Central football games and her friends describe her as simply full of life. Kayla always wears a smile and does her best.

Kayla, otherwise known as Red by her close friends, is in her second year of cheering for Central. Cheer has always been a part of her life and is very passionate about it. She is not only a talented cheerleader, but she is also an artist. Kayla surrounds herself with art; whether it be with her nose in a book, music flowing through her ears, or making beautiful paintings. She is known to enjoy books with romance and a twist of mystery, and for music she sticks to BTS, Blackpink and BigBang. She truly glows when she is doing what she loves to do.

Kayla’s attitude is bubbly and positive; her bright red hair, and beautiful smile light up a room. She channels her positive outlook into helping the world become a better place. When asked what she would change about the world, she stated “Homelessness is really bad around here, so I would like if everyone thought about how they feel and what they might need. I think if everyone thought everything through then we would solve problems much faster.” She feels that we need more safe places for those in need like soup kitchens or shelters.

When Kayla feels strongly about something, she has no hesitation to share her feelings. She is ready to learn or dig into something at all times; when she is working, she has complete tunnel-vision. Her knowledge is beyond what you could ever imagine. She can carry a conversation with anyone about anything, even if she does not know much about the topic. Kayla is always willing to listen to every side of a story and every strategy to a problem.

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