The Peaceful Activist

Outspoken teen activist Bella Thomas-Wilson is organized in all aspects when it comes to her life. She is also known as btw by her friends and grew up right here in Knoxville. Beautiful Bella is a local activist in the city and is very outspoken about what she believes.

Although young by activist standards, Bella is nonetheless vocal about her beliefs. She believes very strongly and supports black lives matter, she is pro choice, and supports the LGBTQ+ community. The easiest thing about protesting to her is that she’s very passionate and educated about it. Bella is also very involved with protesting in the city.  At first glance, one might see a soft spoken exterior on the surface but on the inside she’s very outgoing when the hard shell is broken.

Her diverse taste in music goes from RnB Frank Ocean to rap Drego and Beno. One of Bella’s biggest beliefs is that the hardest thing for her being a woman is America is that she knows sexism exists everywhere but she’s going to go around it. For the most part she keeps busy; when not working, Bella hangs out with friends, her own personal photographer for pictures and  is on the app Tik-Tok. 

After high school, Bella plans on going to college in a big city like Atlanta, Georgia. She also wants to start a business or work for a company such as Buzz-feed. She wants to work for a company or group that fights for justice.

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