Sneak Peek into Mallory Merritt’s Life

Some might be quick to judge her because of her appearance and how she dresses, but she isn’t quite what she seems. She is kind of like a Jack in a Box, full of surprises.

When you see her in person, don’t be surprised if you see her reading a book or listening to music. Her favorite book right now is called, Light Filters in Poems. She likes how it is a safe place for her and gives her the feeling that she is understood. 

Mallory enjoys the little things in life, such as relaxing at home with her dogs, hanging out with family and friends, or sitting in bed with a warm fuzzy blanket while reading a good book.

Mallory is a bright and intelligent person. Her personality is not what you would suspect it to be. You might think that she is antisocial and at first she is a shy girl, but when you get to know her, she can be very bold and confident with a bubbly persona. 

In class, she is not afraid to give her opinion during a lesson. When she is interested in the lesson, it is all hands on deck with her. If she is given a task or an assignment, she will do whatever it takes to finish it and make it perfect.  Mallory will do anything to make the teacher impressed. 

Mallory also likes to create things and let her imagination run free. Her favorite toy from her childhood was art sets. They gave her a chance to take her thoughts and ideas and turn them into reality. After she finishes a art project that she worked on, she gets a feeling of power and accomplishment that she was able to think of something then put it on paper.

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