Seth Harper, the student who does it all

Seth Harper posing for the camera

From his 70 mile hike in New Mexico to the benefits of looking at different religions for your own interpretation and beliefs, senior Seth Harper is an academic and athletic force of nature.

Seth is the type of personality that spells success. Not only is he the leader of the swim team and in the band, he makes time to balance his social life that allows him to have a job and work in his personal band.

When it comes to hobbies Seth isn’t slacking. He goes backpacking, hiking, plays many instruments, plays bass for his band, and collects vinyls. He has been collecting vinyls for around ten years and they now cover his bedroom walls.

Seth’s place of employment, Pratt’s

Harper was born and raised in Knoxville and still lives in his childhood home. He likes to stay local and support smaller businesses so he applied to Pratt’s Country Store and got the job working with one of his great friends. Not only can he balance all of this on top of schoolwork, he is also training to hike the Appalachian trail. This senior will no doubt go places in life and he only has this year left before he can let all his ideas free and decide where he will go and who he will be, so don’t be shy come and say hi!

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