On the Right Path

A CHS freshman, Heavenly Crewsonberry, is heading down the right path for success. She has her dreams and plans to follow them through to the end. Her future may be unknown to her but she knows no matter what happens she will do her best and reach her goals.

Heavenly grew up in Knoxville, TN. over the course of her life her home has not changed much. As a kid she would be outside a lot. Her favorite things to do were playing sports and other outdoor activities. Soccer, kickball, jump rope, they were all things that filled her days

Over the years she has matured and now finds enjoyment in being with friends and family. She has found that taking trips with them is something that she enjoys most of all. Not only that, she also likes to just be in their company. It isn’t hard to tell that she truly loves her family and friends. 

Heavenly, like everyone, has goals. Her goal is to be a pediatrician. For as long as she can remember that has been her dream job. She is good with kids so it doesn’t come as that she would be good for the job. To achieve this, she plans to go to college after high school. She knows that she will have to work hard to succeed but knows that she is capable of reaching her goal.

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