Meet Chloe!

A fun, kind, musically gifted person with a big heart. Chloe Lawson is exited to be part of The Bobcat Times staff!

Lawson had a pleasant experience growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee. She states that she “loves animals and watching things they do.” In fact, her favorite movie is A Dog’s Journey! She describes herself as “quiet except around those” she is close to. Her friends and family are very important to her; she describes herself as “compassionate” toward them.

During her free time, she can be found at a piano bench or singing. Lawson has been playing piano for “about a year.” She states she received a piano from her mother for Christmas, and decided to learn to play through an app. Her favorite song to play on the piano is “Perfect.” She enjoys learning to play slower songs, such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” She also enjoys pop music!

In the area of academics, she stated; “my biggest struggle is not getting anxious,” She mentioned she can get “easily overwhelmed by the amount of assignments and deadlines for classes.” Though she handles her struggles by taking a moment to calm down. To do this, she gets her phone, then listens to music to help calm her down and focus. To maintain a quality school-life balance, once she finishes her tasks she stays logged off.

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