Living Kaylah’s Life!

This is Kaylah Ferguson! She grew up in east Knoxville but moved around a lot. She has visited Lenoir City, London, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Kentucky, Atlanta, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Michigan.  

Kaylah loves seafood and rap music. She also loves r&b and the book Shiver. Her favorite movie is Save the Last Dance and her favorite quote is “god gives his strongest soldiers the toughest battles.” Kaylah likes to keep a healthy school/life balance by doing her school work during school hours. 

 After school she likes to spend time with her daughter. They watch movies together and play together. Her greatest stresses are school and work. Kaylah doesn’t feel like she gets to spend that much time with her daughter. 

 Kaylah believes that the most critical problem faced by people in the country is hate. She believes that even the people that are supposed to protect us have turned on us. Kaylah wants to give her child the world while also balancing her everyday life and school.

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