Learning from the Past to Build a Better Future

A junior from CHS, Ryan Poeung is an active student who honors his past and works toward the future.

Poeung, whose parents are Cambodian, has made his Camboidan heritage a large part of his cultural lifestyle. He’s been to Cambodia and visited many family members. He’s studied his family’s country extensively, to where he can talk about it as if he’s lived there his entire life. He can acknowledge the cultural differences, such as Buddhism playing a large part in daily life, to the fact that they cannot criticize their government and arm themselves like citizens can in the United States. 

Poeng also has hobbies that are either future oriented, or things he just likes to do for the fun of it. He enjoys building computers and works very hard for a finished project. “Computer building all has to do with your excitement for the finished project, that’s why I enjoy doing it.” He also loves the adrenaline and the team objective of airsoft. 

Poeung also expresses a lot of interest in becoming a biological engineer in order to help improve life for many people. This trait manifests throughout his interests, whether it being computer building and improvement, or how the Cambodian government is run. He sees a lot of problems in the world and wants to devote his life to improving it. 

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