Jacklanne Barry

Jacklanne is an amazing, smart, and creative person.

Moving and crafting her way through life, CHS junior Jacklanne Barry has learned many ways to adapt to new situations, growing up she moved around a lot which helped her be more adapted to new situations and environments.

Jacklanne has traveled a lot within the eastern half of the country, her favorite place that she has traveled is Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie. Like many her age, her anxiety is caused by the things she can’t control. Jacklanne struggles with doing what she needs to do for school while balancing her responsibilities out of school; other than that she’s been decently strong in the creative aspects of school.

Jacklanne’s plan in life is to finish high school and go to college for graphic design and illustration. She plans on looking and traveling a little before she settles, once she finds a place she likes she wants to find a job there. One of her favorite activities is taking spontaneous road trips to places she’s never been.

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