How well do YOU know Taylor Steelman?

From what she holds dearest to her heart, to what she does for fun, there’s many things you don’t know about freshman Taylor Steelman.

Taylor Steelman, Freshman at Central High

Taylor was never really part of any community organizations. She was part of a church when she was little, but has henceforth grown out of it. Some interests she hasn’t outgrown, however, is loving to fish, going kayaking, and shooting airsoft guns any day she can.

Taylor has been given many nicknames by friends and family, such as Tater bug, Tater tot, Tay Tay, and an unexpected Ling Ling. Taylor’s father gave her the nickname Ling Ling after watching Norbit, and deciding that an actress, who was playing the role of Ling Ling, acted much like Taylor.

 On an average day, you can find Taylor sitting on her bed, reading romance novels, such as 3 Things About Me, or watching shows like Criminal Minds. Taylor has many friends, who make her laugh all the time. Sometimes, she does group check-ins with them, to make sure everyone in the group is doing alright. 

Taylor has traveled and moved around quite a bit. She has been able to go to North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. Taylor is a great student, and before any test, or when she is given free time, she studies hard. Taylor wants to be an anesthesiologist when she grows up, which requires about 12 years of schooling. She wants to get an academic scholarship as well.

For Taylor’s life plan, she would like to have one kid by age 30, but three kids overall.

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