A Day in the Life of Gracie

Fondly recalling the memory of watching planes arrive and leave the airport near her childhood home in Maryville, 17 year old Gracie smiles.

During her free time, Gracie loves to create. Painting, embroidery you name it, she can do it! She got into embroidery when she came upon a starter set at a church yard sale. She tried the small starter kit and absolutely adored it so she kept making larger and larger pieces! 

Beautiful embroidery of flowers she has created.

She wants to be a marine biologist when she gets older because she loves the ocean and all the animals in it. Her favorite marine animal is the dolphin because of how smart they are! 

Gracie’s parents are her role models, she copies everything they do and they always support her no matter what. On the weekends, you can find Gracie with her family or friends at the lake, fishing or hiking! She loves going to Norris Dam or Big Ridge to go hiking and especially in the fall or winter, “I hate sweating and I hate hot weather,” Gracie states. She also enjoys cooking, mainly stir fry; her favorite stir fry dish is fried green and red peppers with onion and hamburger meat. 

Gracie’s colorful painting of a cactus and flowers.

Gracie says that school is her greatest stress. Maintaining a school-life balance is difficult because there is alway a lot going on at school and lots of homework.  Virtual schooling  has come easy for Gracie, but there are some challenges; she says, “It is hard learning without actually seeing the teacher teach things.” High school has shaped her, though;  it has made her more mature and taught her how to act, but still be yourself.

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