Class of 2020 Most Talented

Back in September, the senior class voted in the superlative election to recognize different students for their unique qualities; the votes determined that  Brett Rogers and Anna Jones are the Most Talented members of their class

“My greatest passion is music,” Brett Rogers declares with confidence. He is undoubtedly dedicated to his craft. He plays a variety of instruments, including the Euphonium, a medium sized brass instrument. He is an All-National Euphonium Player, meaning that he is among the most skilled Euphonium players in the country. He even performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last week, an honor that very few can claim. 

Beyond that, he is a member of numerous clubs at Central, including NHS, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Brass Quintet, Bobcat Company Choir, and A Capella. IMG_4995.PNG

Music has been a life-long pursuit for Brett. “Since I started piano lessons at the age of four,” he explains, “music has constantly reassured me in so many aspects of my life. From the phenomena of performing a solo on a dim stage for a silent auditorium to the simple pleasure of listening to music in my room, music has reminded me of why I love so many parts of my life. It’s something I have strived to completely understand for much of my life and yet, as a medium, it’s constantly evolving and I am constantly learning how little I truly know. Nothing has been more rewarding or important in helping me live my life.” 

For Brett, winning the recognition of most talented feels like a well-deserved victory. “It feels incredible to know that others recognize the countless hours of work I have put in throughout my life,” He says of the superlative. “While I have titles and accomplishments, such as being an All-National Musician or marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, it is sometimes rare that musicians are recognized for their work and it makes me incredibly happy that others understand the work that I have put into my field.”

Like Brett, Anna Jones also counts herself a member of numerous organizations. She is the president of Bobcat Company and Musical Theater at Central, and she sings for the worship band at her church. For Anna, the driving force behind her work is her dedication to religion. “I would definitely say I’m most passionate about my love for Christ and wanting to travel to different countries to tell other people about him,” Anna explains. “There’s really nothing that can compare to the love of Christ and I want everyone in the world to know his love.”

Anna counts the role of Ti Moune from the production Once On This Island as her favorite role she’s played thus far.


When asked what encouraged her ardent dedication to her faith, Anna replied “I would say mainly my parents because I’ve always grown up in church, but I think it’s important to venture out independently to form your own beliefs. It was when I went to Buffalo, New York for an internship this summer when my love for missions grew when I interacted with other cultures and nationalities to show them the love of Christ by meeting their physical needs whether that was through providing groceries, mattresses, or clothing.” 

Anna feels honored to win the award because she feels like she’s “surrounded by talented people every day.”

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