Playmobil: The Movie Historically Bombs at the Box Office

The delayed French/English film has finally been released, and needless to say, the critics have torn it to shreds. While nobody can deny that it tried to ride the coattails of the infamous 2014 film The Lego Movie, no one expected the immense failure it has become recently at the box office. The film debuted on December 9 to over 2,300 theatres on a budget of $40 million, only to rake in a small $650,000. The Hollywood Reporter claims the film had “the third-worst debut of all time”, behind Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure and Delgo.


Even $5 movie tickets, Harry Potter (Daniel Ratcliffe), Jim Gaffigan, Meghan Trainor, and $3 million in marketing could not save the film. The cheap tickets and advertising have been revealed as a test for pricing, only to prove unsuccessful. STX, the distributor of said film, has already experienced a bombshell with UglyDolls released in May of this year. 

The Lego Movie soon started a trend with other studios such as Sony’s 2017 critical failure The Emoji Movie, Uglydolls, The Addams Family, and now Playmobil will be added to this unfortunate line-up. With even the sequel of The Lego Movie having a disappointing box office ($190 million on a $100 million budget) earlier this February, it can be assumed that this facade is over.

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