YouTube Updates Policies for Upcoming FTC Guidelines in 2020

With only a month away into 2020, YouTubers have been left in the dark as the FTC decides their fates as content creators. But the company has recently asked the FTC (who sued the platform a fine of $170 million for violating COPPA and now instruct creators to label their content for the correct demographic) to clarify the guidelines on what is considered child-friendly or not. 

“Currently, the FTC’s guidance requires platforms must treat anyone watching primarily child-directed content as children under 13. This does not match what we see on YouTube, where adults watch favorite cartoons from their childhood or teachers look for content to share with their students,” says YouTube in a statement. The guidelines are asked to elaborate on not only whether or not content such as gaming, food, or vlogging falls into content for children, but also what happens when an adult is interested in said content. CEO Susan Wojcicki has stated the company is processing a new harassment policy and have been discussing with creators on what needs to change. 


Many content creators are also fearing what happens when a video goes unmarked, which could lead to a fine of $40,000 by the FTC. YouTube has stated, “We’re unable to confirm whether or not your content is Made for Kids. That decision is up to you taking into consideration these factors.” They also advise creators to consult with a lawyer to determine the guidelines while the website is mainly responsible for maintaining the system. A new video on the website’s main channel announced that it will use a machine to identify mislabeled videos and flagging them.

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