The Haslam-Sansom Ministry Complex Opening

On Thursday December 12, Emerald Youth Foundation, with support from the Haslam Foundation and the Sansom Family Foundation, will open their ministry complex in Lonsdale. 

The floor plans shown give a visual of all amenities offered. Floor Plan provided by Shara Shoup.

Located on 1740 Texas Avenue, the opening ceremony will begin at 4:30, but party celebrations begin at 4. There will be free food trucks, balloon artists, face painting, and tours of the complex until 7 that night. Anyone in the community is allowed to attend.

The complex is comprised of two gyms, two multipurpose turf fields, a worship arts center, a calling and career ministry center to help young people transition from high school to post secondary education, a fitness studio, a health center, a community meeting room, and a cafe. The purpose of this complex is to serve the young people in the Lonsdale area. The facility is expected to serve several hundred, including 50-100 from Central.

The complex aims its efforts towards the youth of Lonsdale. Staff are equipped to make the complex a center for faith, learning, and health. Kevin DuBose Director of the Lonsdale Area Ministry, is aware that the community has been traditionally characterized by poor health outcomes. He believes that Emerald Youth’s “outreach to the neighborhood will change the trajectory of young lives and build a stronger community.”

Animated image of the Ministry Complex. Photo provided by Shara Shoup.

The Lonsdale neighborhood is zoned for Central. Emerald Youth hopes that with the opening of the complex, CHS students in and outside the neighborhood will be involved in their sports offerings and learning center.

Emerald Youth Foundation is a faith based organization that started in 1991 with a purpose to provide faith, learning, and health activities to elementary through young adults living in urban neighborhoods in Knoxville.  There are several facilities and with data provided by Shara Shoup, the Chief Operating Officer, they serve roughly 2,700 young people each year from a variety of schools are served. 250 CHS students live in Lonsdale, and Emerald servers roughly 100 of them. 

Emerald Youth Foundation aims to serve the urban youth and help encourage positive decision making for the future. With the opening of the Haslam-Sansom Ministry Complex, Emerald hopes to serve many more youth and be a part of their growth. Activities are targeted toward urban schools and neighborhoods to provide a place for spiritual and learning gain.

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