Mr. Morgan Feature: No Easy Task

Mr. Morgan and his wife on their honeymoon in Ireland.

Mr. Morgan, one of Central’s newest math teachers, strives to create a healthy learning environment for his students. Being a math teacher, it can be a struggle to attract students’ attention, so Mr. Morgan finds much solace in his student’s success.

While many teachers entered the field as their first career choice, Mr. Morgan is the anomaly. Initially, Mr. Morgan went to college to be a Biochemistry major, but soon found he was not enjoying himself. A couple years later, he knew change was imminent and switched to math education.

Mr. Morgan’s decision to teach was influenced by two

main factors. First, he loves helping people, and teaching is a job that allows him to help constantly. Second, math has always been Mr. Morgan’s strongest subject so naturally math was the way to go.

As a man of heart, Mr. Morgan loves to see students work hard and helps them reach their goals. After all, he believes school is not about getting good grades, rather he believes it is about pushing through when faced with a challenge. He shared one particular story that stuck with him about when he was still a student teacher.

Mr. Morgan enjoying one of his hobbies, golfing.

Before Mr. Morgan was a teacher, he was student teaching in a class that had failed their state exams and the lot of them were at their last chance to pass the exam so they could graduate. He noted that a few weeks into this experience, he interacted with a student who sat near him. After that, it was a daily routine for him to help the student with his algebra work and just talk about random things and really bond with this student.

A month after that class, he learned the student had passed his exam and was able to graduate. Although teaching comes with its downs, like grading papers, moments like these are when Mr. Morgan feels he has fulfilled his job. Welcome to Central, Mr. Morgan!


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