Central High School French Club

Learning different cultures and languages could help a person in many different ways. Knowing the culture could help a person while traveling or studying abroad. For instance: understand how the culture could assist a person  not to be afraid to seek help. Going in the restaurant to order food, knowing the food that is provided may be a crucial part of a travel person. Learning the basic part of French culture could also help you while having fun abroad. 

Imagine traveling abroad not knowing how to interact with the people you meet and how they greet one another. In some cultures it may be offensive to some people if a person does something unaware of its meaning in their culture. The people can perceive a person in different ways because of interaction that is somewhat different…etc. Learning the culture could make a person aware about the do’s and don’ts. 

One of Central High School teacher, Madame Pryfogle was interviewed about French Club. She tells the story about how she become a french teacher and why. Madame Pryfogle went to study abroad where she loved the culture of French. So, she decided to learn the culture and teach Knoxville people about french culture. She started teaching french in 2011.

Madame Pryfogle and French Club students, making crepes!


Madame Pryfogle also mentioned that last week French club students went to help elementary school about the culture of France. They took some children’s book and went to teach them. It was an amazing experience some of the students said. 

One of the pictures was taken in french club where they were making crepes and learning the origin of the crepe. The most important thing they do in french club is eating and learning different kinds of food eaten by french people. 

This is one of the crepes they were making. It was delicious, which even made the interviewer mouth water.

Elle Baldriche, junior, said this when asked why she joined French club, “Falling in love with language and culture.” What we do is learning the culture, eating  food, watching films, and doing some volunteer work. 

Why join French club? Central High School offers French club to the student who are interested to know the culture of France. The food, interaction, salutation, and culture are the main focuses. In addition, students can have fun and taste French food.

Well done, makes your mouth water!

Having  a better idea of what you expect could help knowing how to act around them. Joining french club could help the student to familiarize with french culture which could be fun learning because you will learn things that may be different among many Americans.

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