Join Creative Writing Club! (We Have Brownies Too)

img_3115If you like writing and reading all forms of fiction, chatting in a relaxed, open-minded environment, messing around with character tropes, or just having fun while writing then the Creative Writing Club is the place for you. 

Mrs. Menendez during her normal morning picture posing.

Mrs. Andrea Menendez took over as the sponsor for the club in the 2018-2019 school year after the previous sponsor Mrs. Ward left. Like her predecessor, she is equally passionate about the Creative Writing Club, saying, “[It] gives me the opportunity to interact with students in a setting that isn’t strictly academic and write as well.” 

The purpose of the club is to provide all students interested in creative writing the opportunity to improve their abilities as writers in a positive and nurturing environments, but that isn’t the only thing that occurs there. Mrs. Menendez says that, “we write stories together, brainstorm poetry ideas, workshop each other’s projects, do calligraphy, create weathergrams, construct found poetry, and explore anything else students suggest.” 

Speaking of writing stories, the club is currently working on a story where everyone in a town gets a text message, the same text message, telling them to go to a certain location. But the protagonist gets a message with different coordinates for some reason and the club is writing about what happens next. There are other past projects that the club is also working on and Mrs. Menendez is hopeful that they will be done before most of the older members graduate. 

Currently, there are five regular members of the club made up of a mix of seniors and juniors. In the words of  senior member Keira Parolari, “Creative Writing Club is actively a family where if you want to get stuff off your chest with your writing, but also meet people who are trying to do the same thing, then the club is the place for you,” she then added, “we also bring food sometimes which is a plus!” 

She isn’t wrong about that; this club is like a close-knit family but that doesn’t mean they don’t welcome new members. Alisha Olson, junior, voiced that, “Although I enjoy the smaller more close-knit group we currently have, we need more people so that we have new brains.” And Pierce Gentry, also a junior, said, “We’re a small group of people trying to find our niche in life, which just so happens to focus around writing.” 

All three had similar responses to the question of why they joined Creative Writing Club saying that they were passionate about writing, wanting to share those passions and ingenuity with like-minded people, and just be themselves. 

If you want to sit in on a meeting and see how things go, they meet every Tuesday (unless something comes up) in Room 216 from 3:40 to 4:25. Mrs. Menendez and everyone else in the Creative Writing Club hopes you’ll be there!

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