Update: “Eurydice” Tickets Now Available

If you loved the preview for this year’s fall play, Eurydice, you’ll love the show itself even more. Mrs. Toll and her student director Maia Koontz released the official showtimes and prices for tickets and welcome all to see the play.

***In order to be guaranteed a seat for any show, this reservation form can be filled out. All information is included in the form!***

A spooky scene from the play captured by Mrs. Toll (Twitter: @Sarah_Toll)

The showtimes for the play are: 7:00 PM Thursday, Nov. 14; 7:00 PM Saturday, Nov. 16; and 2:30 PM Sunday, Nov. 17. Tickets are reserved with seats and cost $7.00 at the door. If you do not claim and pay for your ticket at least 5 minutes before the curtain call, or when the show is set to begin, your ticket will be flash-sold to other guests (for the same price) before the show. Though there is a possibility of getting a seat without reserving, it’s best for you and the crew of the show to fill out the form.

Be sure to reserve your seats and come prepared for a fantastic show. We hope to see you there!

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