East Towne Mall Shutdown

After thirty-five years of service, the East Towne Mall is closing in January of 2020. How are people taking this news?East_Town_Mall_(Knoxville_Center)_Knoxville,_TN_March_2018_(40584807152)

Many of those interviewed said they are sad. ¨I ́m very sad to see the East Towne Mall go. I am going to miss the Mandarin Palace.” said sophomore Zachary Hall.

While some people are sad or upset, others are not affected by the closing. Most people say that they usually went to the West Towne Mall instead. ¨I don’t really care about the closing because I never really been there,” said junior Daniel O’Toole. Many also say that the East Towne Mall did not have any good stores.

Whether you care or not, we all could say that it’s been around for many years. You can still visit the East Towne Mall through January to say your goodbyes. We all could also say thanks for the memories.

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