Mrs.Cummings: What Our Teachers Are Really Like

Ms.Cummings has been teaching for a long time and she has loved every second of it. She likes interacting with kids and seeing how differently they all learn. She especially loves teaching students with diverse learning needs because he likes to see the different ways students learn.

She did not always wanted to be a teacher. She also thought about becoming a psychologist because she likes to explore how different people think and why. This year, she is co-teaching an English class with Ms. Menendez among others. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Readers Education. She has been teaching for 35 years and has taught kindergarten through high school at many different schools. She has not co-taught before and “prefers to have her own classroom”, but is enjoying her new experience.

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Even though she mainly teaches Special Education, she also enjoys teaching English because she likes the creativeness of it. She really enjoys teaching the reading and literature criteria. When she first started teaching, “class sizes were much smaller; her larger classes now can be a challenge,” because she likes to interact with her students. 

She admires students who put their all into their work; “she admires creativity and perseverance.” She is the first person in her family to graduate from college and go on to become a teacher. In 7th grade, she met her favorite teacher and he really inspired her to become a teacher because he always brought out the best in his students.

She believes that every child can learn and should be encouraged to reach their full potential. To anyone who wants to become a teacher, she says that, “You should always do your best in school and really try to challenge yourself.” As a teacher, she likes to give her students creative writing assignments so that they can express themselves. To motivate her students, “she often does cooperative learning exercises and lets them work in groups.” However, if she wasn’t a teacher she would want to be a professional quilter because it relaxes her and she enjoys doing it. Before she was a teacher, she was also a teaching assistant and even used to help her mom on her family farm when she was younger. She has been teaching for a long time and loves it and as someone who has her as a teacher, I can say that she is very good at her job.

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